Which Neighborhoodsare the Best in Portland

Portland is the city located in Oregon, SUA, at the confluence of Columbia and Willamette rivers. The number of the population here is about 580.000, being a big city with lots of attractions and services. The city of Portland is the third most populous in the Pacific Northwest region, along with Seattle and Washington. The economy here is running well, the city benefiting from several industries. The accessibility to the resources and the low-cost of it makes it good for business and services. Some of the largest industries here are the marine shipping, retail, film, and IT. With these prerogatives, the city of Portland can only be a very popular and visited one.

Since it offers so many advantages, especially in the economic field, more and more people, especially young ones, are looking for jobs here, as a way to build careers and get financial stability. The major search for Portland apartments, either for rent or for purchasing, made the real estate market a good competitor on the economical field. There is a place and a price for everyone here, as there are good neighborhoods and less-preferred ones. There are not bad neighborhoods, as each one of them has its perks.

The Northeast Portland has recently developed, especially in the cultural area, which made it attractive for open business and young people. Here, the Irvington or the Laurelhurst are the most popular area to live in for the tree-lined streets and beautiful historic homes.

The Southeast Portland is the place where someone can easily relax, as the area is filled with laid-back coffee shops, low-key shops and amazing houses which can be admired by everyone. Being at the east of Willamette River, the view is pretty amazing as well.

The Southwest Portland is located downtown, being called one of the surrounding areas, perfect for a good session of shopping, visiting museums and taking hilly walks. You can also find here the Riverplace Athletic Club, or a very nice cultural place, the Powell`s Books.

The Northwest Portland is the most popular neighborhoods of all, being a chic and trendy area in the city. The Pearl District is famous for loft living, in the Nob Hill there can be found the most amazing shops and restaurants, and in Old Town, Portland`s China Town is the best place to visit here. The Classical Chinese Garden gains more and more visitors every year.

The North Portland district is actually split into quadrants, where you can shop on North Mississippi Avenue, find great restaurants and take relaxing walks.

As you can see, there is much the city of Portland has to offer, and every one of these neighborhoods has great deals on apartments and also ways to entertain the people. If moving to Portland is what you want to do, choose one of these areas, and you will definitely stick around for a while.